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Carbon Monoxide Deaths are Preventable

by Dixon Law Office

Carbon monoxide deaths are almost always preventable.  That is because carbon monoxide poising happens because someone has inhaled too must carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is created when a fire is burned.  When someone dies as a result of a carbon monoxide exposure, it is usually because a heater is improperly vented or the vent becomes clogged.  Recent news articles highlight these dangers.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause very serious brain injuries.  If the victim does not die, they are often deprived of oxygen so long that they suffer massive and irreversible brain damage.

Landlords are required to install smoke detectors.  Modern smoke detectors also detect high levels of carbon monoxide.

The family of victims of carbon monoxide poisoning should immediately seek a lawyer to help them with the potential case.  Experience lawyers like Dixon Law Office know where to look to find the cause of the carbon monoxide, causes sometimes missed by the fire department.  Dixon Law Office has a team of professionals who can immediately begin working for you.  Call them today at (888) 354-9880 or click here for a free review of you case.  Call today!

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