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Shouldn’t I “turn the other cheek”? 

In this video, Dixon Law Office founder, Grant Dixon, discusses the Bible verse about “turning the other cheek” (Matthew 5) and how that applies to personal injury cases.

I think the other driver was on the phone. What do I do? 

In this video, Grant Dixon discusses how cell phone use plays a role in many car crashes and what to do if you believe the other driver was on the phone.

“I think the other driver was drunk! What should I do?”

In this video, Grant Dixon, founder of Dixon Law Office, discusses the role of alcohol in crashes and what you should do if you believe the other driver was drunk.

What is distracted driving?

One of the leading causes of crashes in the US, distracted driving is dangerous.  But do you REALLY know what it is?  Learn about this hot topic in this video.

“I reinjured my back.  Can I still make a claim?”

Can you make a claim for a back injury if your back was already hurting before?  The answer might surprise you.  Learn more in this video.

“I was injured but I don’t have insurance.”

Many people don’t have health insurance.  Can you still make a claim if you are injured but don’t have insurance?  Should you go to the doctor even though you can’t pay up front?  Learn more in this important video.

Why do you work on contingent fee?

Why do personal injury and worker’s compensation lawyers work on contingent fee?  What does that even mean?  Great questions!  Learn the answer in this video.

Why is my case taking so long?

Cases often take a long time to get finished.  But why?  Learn about this topic in today’s video.

When should I call a lawyer?

Probably the most important initial question is this: “should I call a lawyer?”  The answer depends on the circumstances.  Learn more in this video.

What are expenses?

In every case, there are things called “expenses.”  Learn what those are and why they are part of your case in this video.





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