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Broken Bikes

Whether you use your bicycle once a year or every day, you expect it to work when you ride. The last thing you expect is to have the bicycle break because of a defective part. However, many bicycles are sold with broken, deficient or defective parts.

Huge Problem

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission tracks all recalls of consumer products, including bicycles. In the last few years, tens-of-thousands of bicycles have been recalled because of defective parts. Wheels, pedals, brakes and frames are just a few.

Defective Parts

The sad reality is that virtually every bicycle sold in the US is made overseas. Especially with cheaper bicycles, parts can be made with very low cost materials. Cheaper and less durable materials can be used to save money. Often the safety of the rider is compromised as a result. One common problem is that of quick release mechanisms, which are hard to operate while riding. Additionally, if the wheel is too tight or too lose, there can be a major problem on the road. Why a bicycle injury attorney can even pursue product liability claims based on a faulty design. In this case, the attorney would obtain quotes from an expert, perhaps one skilled in metallurgy or accident reconstruction.

Known Dangers

Every manufacturer knows what he or she is doing when the parts are made. Using low grade materials puts the manufacturer on notice that more parts are likely to break. When these parts are incorporated into a bicycle, the riders are put at risk. And the manufacturer knows it.

It’s About Responsibility

When a manufacturer of any bicycle part makes junk, he or she should be held responsible. This is very important. Most clients pursue cases not to make themselves rich but to prevent other families from living through the pain, suffering and even death from a defective product.

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