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The Sad Reality Behind Bicycle Deaths

It was a major blow to the sports world in May 2011, when professional runner Sally Meyeroff died after her bike collided with a pickup truck in Maricopa, Arizona. As is typical, the fatal crash happened in the afternoon and in heavy traffic. There was no evidence of drunk driving by the motorist that resulted in the marathon runner’s death. While this news story was forgotten as the months passed in 2011, we in the bicycle community remember it, because it’s a telling story of just how dangerous it is to cycle in today’s impatient, mechanical world.

Why Accidents Involving Bicycles Happen

Most of the statistics we read about bicycle injury results from city traffic, usually in high population urban areas. Not only is the large population a factor, but big cities usually have colleges and schools, and this results in many students and faculty being put at risk because they cycle their way to the learning facility.

Besides afternoon traffic (particularly during rush hour) we also see from accident reports that many collisions occur at intersections, corners and even driveways. Indeed, cross-traffic situations can be confusing for the inattentive driver. While bicyclists certainly do make mistakes, logic suggests that they are more likely to be cautious than motorists, since they have the weaker vehicle and avoid the fastest roads. On the other hand, motorists tend to become overconfident on the road and may take unnecessary risks in turning, passing or tailgating bicyclists.

Protection and Defensive Strategy

Forget the distraction of texting and cell phone conversations for a moment—according to G. Grant Dixon III, a lawyer who represents bicyclist accident victims, many motorists simply don’t like bicyclists because of the inconvenience they cause in the fast lane. Bicyclists are forced to defend against drivers who do not obey the rules.

Parents are advised not to let young children out of their site when bicycling because of accident potential. Statistically, young children are five times more likely to become seriously injured than older riders, sometimes because they do not understand the concept of defensive driving.

Preventable Deaths, Injuries

The sad reality is that many bicycle deaths and accidents could have been preventable, if only motorists had slowed down and taken the precautions the law requires and common sense demands. Rather than insisting upon gaining the right of way. Remember, bicyclists have every right to be on the same residential or business road as a car.

Contact a Lawyer to Ensure Your Legal Rights

Do not be deceived into thinking that you have no rights. Do not accept a settlement if offered without consulting a lawyer. Lastly, make sure that your lawyer is a qualified professional with experience in representing injured bicyclists and winning these cases. Do not suffer for the mistakes of others…you can stand up for yourself and win a personal injury case when you have a sharp legal mind at your side! Dixon Law Office has unique experience in the courtroom getting clients full compensation for their injuries. Few lawyer s do. Call Dixon Law Office today at 888-354-9980 or click here.

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