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What is a Statute of Limitation?

by Dixon Law Office

To some people, “SOL” means something about their luck.  But to personal injury lawyers and their clients, SOL means statute of limitation.  A statute of limitation is a time limit for filing of a lawsuit.  You have to file your lawsuit by a certain date or you will likely never be able to.

Statutes of limitation don’t get rid of bad cases, it stops valid ones.  Cases that are baseless are never proper, regardless of the date filed.  Statutes of limitation stop good cases – valid cases – from being filed.

The statute of limitation for a accident will vary depending on the claim.  Some are very short, just months.  Many are longer.  In order to figure out which ones apply to your personal injury case, you need to call a lawyer like Dixon Law Office.  They can review your case and determine what statutes of limitation apply and advise you on next steps.

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