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Slippery When Wet

We all understand that floors can get slippery when water, oil, or something else is spilled on them. However, what few people realize is that it need not be that way.

“In nearly every case, owners of properties have a responsibility to prevent spills from happening,” Dixon Law Office founder G. Grant Dixon III said. He continued, “even when they fail to do that, the law says they still have a responsibility to warn customers who may not know about the spill.” Nearly every major corporation in America has an internal store policy that says they must clean up spills right away and warn customers when the spills happen. Those policies are often ignored. “Corporations spend millions trying to make their space look nice so you will buy their products but often ignore the safety of those same customers.” Sometimes juries are prevented from hearing about these policies, even when the store violates their own rules.

The fixes are usually simple and inexpensive. Placing non-skid mats in areas where spills happen is one simple fix. Changing cleaning products, posting warning signs in wet areas, or even just rearranging merchandise can help. Stores can change floor materials or colors so spills are more easily seen. “There is a reason the floors in most stores are off-white or grey. It makes it almost impossible to see a spill,” Grant said.

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