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Bicycle Injuries to Children

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, their 1994 study revealed that 72.7% of children aged five to 14 years rode bicycles. That means there are about 27,700,000 child bicyclists in the US. Clearly there are a lot of kids riding bikes these days.

Injuries to children are often far more serious than to adults. Kids are far more vulnerable because of their smaller, less-developed bodies. Their lower position also puts them in line with bumpers and other parts of the car that can cause serious injuries. Head injuries are a major problem when kids are riding bikes.

Some drivers suggest that bicyclists should ride on the sidewalk. However, a recent study suggested that riding on sidewalks and paths may actually be more dangerous than riding in the road. In some jurisdictions, it is illegal. Riding on sidewalks and bike paths may also pose greater hazards to walkers and joggers. Wherever they ride, kids riding bikes are vulnerable to injuries when others do wrong.

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