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Cyclist on a Mission Struck By Semi, Injured

by Dixon Law Office

Jacob Landis is on a mission: raise money and awareness for cochlear implants.  This year, he set out to ride his bike to all 30 major league baseball stadiums before the season ended.  Why?  Jacob was deaf by age 10.  He received a cochlear implant to allow him to be fully functional in the hearing world.  His ride is trying to raise $1,000,000 to help get implants for others who need but cannot afford one.

He was almost there.  He had ridden to 29 of the stadiums.  But on September 23, 2013, Jacob was on a rural Florida road heading to his hotel when, according to a witness, Jacob was struck by the mirror of a semi.  The trucker never stopped.  Jacob suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose, two small cheekbone fractures and a chipped tooth.  A statement released by Jacob said he has no memory of the accident.  You can learn more about the crash here.

Jacob’s Facebook page, said:

The Ride may be over today as we go to the Marlin game-BUT the reason and the cause will not!  “I hope to be able to come back to Florida as soon as feasible to finish the last 180 miles. Whether I do or don’t, I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, which is raise money and awareness for children who deserve the same gift of hearing I received.”  You can still donate, go here.

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