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Dog Bites Cause Serious Injuries

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by Dixon Law Office

Your child goes over to a friend’s house to play. They have been there before. Each time, the family dog has been in a cage. But this time, the dog is taken from the cage and walked through the room where your child and friend are playing. The dog, while on a leash, viciously attacks your child. The dog repeatedly bites your child. Blood is “everywhere” and your child is rushed to the emergency room. What is left behind are physical scars that disfigure and embarrass. What is worse, emotional scars remain as well. Comfort around people and animals is replaced by fear. A sense of betrayal, disbelief and anger remains for you too.

This is a true story of one of our clients. At Dixon Law Office, we have represented many victims of dog bites. Dixon Law Office founder, G. Grant Dixon III, knows the story too well from personal experience. “I was attacked by a Weimaraner owned by one of my coaches. I thought the dog knew me well but one evening he attacked me as I visited. He bit me in the face and arm,” Grant said. He continued, “This personal experience has given me great insight into the real injuries that animal attacks cause. The scars heal but the real issue is the emotional trauma left behind. Being attacked changes you in many ways.”

If you or your loved one has been the victim of an animal attack such as a dog bite, cat bite, horse throwing, or other animal-caused injury, call Dixon Law Office. They have the experience and understanding you need. They will get you full compensation for the injuries – all the injuries – you have suffered. Call today at 888-354-9880 or click here for a free consultation.

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