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Tripping Hazards and Dangers

by Dixon Law Office

You’re in a store, just walking along.  You’re paying attention but you’re not staring at your feet either.  You’re just walking like you always do.  Next thing you know, you are on the floor in severe pain.  “What happened?”  “How did I end up here?”  “Why does my leg hurt so much?”  “It hurts to breath!”  “I hope no one saw me fall!!”

When you trip and fall, it is almost always because there was something on the floor.  It was most likely something that was inconspicuous.  You wouldn’t notice it unless you knew it was there.  Still, that something caused you to go down.  Who is responsible for your injuries?

Most lawyers avoid these cases.  Why?  They are hard.  They take lots of work.  Insurance companies fight these cases and most lawyers don’t want to put in the effort.

While every case is different, at Dixon Law Office we have evaluated thousands of trip-and-fall cases.  Dixon Law Office founder, G. Grant Dixon III, teaches other lawyers how to handle these cases.  We can investigate your claim and injuries.  We can tell you whether  someone else is at fault.  If so, we can get you top dollar, all the compensation the law says you deserve.

Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation.  Call right now and let Dixon Law Office get you the compensation you deserve.  Call right now!

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