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Tips for a Safe July 4th Fireworks

by Dixon Law Office

The Fourth of July means it’s time for trips to the lake or pool, fireworks displays and backyard barbecues. But, it’s also a time that can easily be marred with dangers. Protect your loved ones with the following tips and reminders for a safe holiday. Here are some facts about fireworks that should not be ignored.

Firework safety – In 2013, there were eight deaths and 11,400 injuries from fireworks in the U.S. Most common injuries were to hands and fingers, but many also injured their faces, heads, ears and eyes. Fireworks can result in severe burns, blindness, scars, and even death. Fireworks often thought to be safe, such as sparklers, can reach temperatures above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and can burn users and bystanders. Children should not handle any fireworks, including sparklers.

Families should attend community fireworks displays run by professionals rather than using fireworks at home. Stay at least 500 feet away from the show. If you do set fireworks off yourself — be sure to have a supply of water close by; always wear eye protection; never attempt to re-light “a dud”; and never throw or point a firework at a person, animal, vehicle or structure.

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