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by Dixon Law Office

On a foggy day in December, 2006, a truck driver pulled out into the intersection of a State Highway.  He knew he could not see but he pulled his rig – loaded with 80,000 pounds of corn – into the intersection anyway.  Sadly, another truck was coming over the bridge right into the intersection.  The second driver, Steven Smith, could not avoid crashing into the trailer of the truck that had pulled out in front of him.

Mr. Smith turned to Dixon Law Office for help.  The defense tried to argue that Mr. Smith could have swerved his truck over a median and into oncoming traffic.  G. Grant Dixon III, founder of the Dixon Law Office, set out to prove that his client was not at all at fault.  He and his team were able to locate an independent witness who saw the entire crash.  That witness said the driver of the semi should never have pulled into the intersection at all and that the Dixon Law Office client, Mr. Smith, acted properly.  The witness also described how seriously Mr. Smith was injured.

Indeed, the injuries were horrific.  At the time of the crash, Mr. Smith was thrown into the windshield.  He was covered in blood and his neck was shattered.  Witnesses described how he was barely conscious at the scene.  Doctors at the emergency room learned that the 33 year-old driver’s neck was shattered but the injuries were too complicated to be treated there.  The patient was forced to return home to El Paso, Texas, with a broken neck to get treatment there.

The neck injuries were so complicated, in fact, that most doctors would not even treat him.  Finally, one of the premier neurosurgeons in the world agreed to see him.  That doctor later performed surgery using a computer and was able to help treat the condition.  Even with that, Mr. Smith was left in terrible pain.

Grant then began to prepare the case for trial.  He traveled to Louisiana to meet with the surgeon.  Face-to-face, Grant was able to discuss his testimony in detail.  Grant also discussed the facts with many other witnesses, all to get ready for trial.

As the case progressed, the other side asked mediate the case.  Mediation is where the lawyers present their case to an independent lawyer who evaluates the case and makes recommendations about settlement.  After hours of mediation, the mediator recommended a settlement of $1,400,000.

At Dixon Law Office, we combine compassion and strength to respresent all our clients. Dixon Law Office founder, Grant Dixon, has been recognized for his work in the courtroom by other lawyer and his clients. For more than 20 years, he has helped people in the Greater Chicago area and across the nation with catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. He has won millions of dollars in compensation for his clients in verdicts and settlements because of his ability to take on opponents of all sizes. Find out how he and the staff at Dixon Law Office can help you and your family. For a free consultation, please call 888-354-9880 or contact us online.

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