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Police Officer Misconduct

by Dixon Law Office

The vast majority of the police and law enforcement officers we see act properly and within the bounds of the law. They do great work and protect us from many evils of the world. For their work, most deserve to be commended.

However, there are some officers who tarnish the stars of all who wear a badge. Those officers deserve no protection and should be fully prosecuted for whatever wrongs they committed. Good officers should demand that the ones who do wrong be punished for what they do wrong.

When a police officer acts improperly he is liable for the wrongful act, regardless of whether he wears a badge. When an officer acts negligently, they can be held liable for their negligence. When they act recklessly or intentionally wrong, they are liable for their misconduct.

There are many categories of police officer misconduct. These include:

  • Car accidents,
  • Police chase injuries,
  • Improper or wrongful arrest,
  • Wrongful imprisonment,
  • Arrest injuries,
  • Excessive force.

The police officer can be personally responsible but typically the police department pays for the liability of its officers.
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