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Hospital Injuries

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by Dixon Law Office

When you or a loved one needs medical treatment, you have faith and confidence that your doctor, clinic or hospital will provide you with great medical care in a safe environment. Most of the time that is true. But not always.

At Dixon Law Office, we have handled thousands of cases many for those injured at a hospital. Sadly, there are many ways people are injured in a hospital. These include:

  • Slip, trip and fall – perhaps a hospital employee moped a floor and failed to put up a sign warning of the wet floor. Maybe a carpet was buckled or not in the right place. Sometimes the floor has an unmarked drop-off. A patient, visitor or employee can slip, trip and fall and suffer serious, sometimes fatal, injuries from these conditions. A hospital is liable for those injuries.
  • Falls during treatment – some patients fall from bed and are injured. Other times, a patient in not properly moved from bed to an x-ray table (called a transfer). If a patient falls and is injured, the hospital is liable for their neglect.
  • Security injuries – a hospital must be a safe place. Some patients are injured by other patients. Often, these attacks are as a result of inadequate security. Other times, security personnel improperly restrains a patient, causing serious injuries.
  • Delayed treatment – some hospitals suffer from over-crowding, understaffing or both. A hospital is liable for any injuries resulting from the delay of treatment.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a hospital, call Dixon Law Office. We have obtained millions-of-dollars in compensation for our clients. Many suffered hospital injuries. Call Dixon Law Office today at 888-354-9880 or click here for a free review of your case. We can make it right for you.

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