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Lions, Tigers and . . . Attacks!

by Dixon Law Office

A young boy is at a petting zoo.  He is petting an ostrich, supposedly a tame ostrich.  As his hand strokes the soft feathers, the bird spins his head and bites the child in the head.  The bleeding wound is stitched up but the child is left with a nasty scar.  Who pays for the doctor bills?

Most people think that the petting zoo should be liable.  They are right.  The problem is that in nearly every case, the zoo will argue they are not liable.  They might say, “it’s just an accident” or “it’s a wild animal” or “your parents signed a release.”  Often, these companies have little insurance and less cash to pay.

The law does not tolerate such excuses.  A petting zoo – every business for that matter – is responsible for the harm it causes to its customers.  Still, it is not easy to get them to pay.  You usually need a good lawyer to help you.  Dixon Law Office has helped victims in cases like this before.  They can do it again for you.  Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation, and let them help you.  Call today!

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