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Liar liar

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by Dixon Law Office

When someone says something about you that is false and causes harm to your reputation, that is called defamation. If a false statement tends to lower a person in the eyes of her community or deters others from associating with her, that is defamation. To be defamatory, the statement must be factual, not an opinion. For example, “I think he is a jerk” is not likely defamatory. However, “He beat up his wife” is defamatory.

A single false statement can lead to liability. Spreading the false statement to others such as co-workers or freinds can also lead to liability for both the original speaker and every person who repeated it.

The ability to spread defamatory statements has never been greater. Now, with a few keystrokes, a defamatory statement can spread throughout the globe almost instantly. And the harm a false statement can cause can be enormous.

In some jurisdictions, there are categories of statements where it is presumed damages were caused. For example, if someone falsely says “he is a felon” or “she has HIV” or “he stole money from his last employer”, the law recognizes that those statements are always serious and damaging. In other cases, the plaintiff must show how his or her reputation was damaged.

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