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Illinois Among Top Five States in Bike Fatalities

by Dixon Law Office

There’s no doubt, it is dangerous for bicyclists to share the road with vehicles. Illinois, in fact, is one of the most perilous states for those commuting or traveling via bike.

A recent Chicago Tribune article reported that Illinois is among the five states with the highest rates of bicyclist fatalities, according to a recent Spotlight on Highway Safety: Bicyclist Safety report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. From 2010 to 2012, Illinois reported a total of 80 bicycle fatalities, an increase of 16 percent. Sadly, the number appears to be rising. The report notes Illinois’ ranking indicates the state’s streets and bike paths can be perilous for cyclists, although the city is taking steps to improve conditions with new designated bike lanes. Regardless, high population areas with urban centers are likely to result in flocks of cyclists sharing the road with large numbers of vehicles.

There are simple steps bicyclists can take to increase safety, such as wearing a helmet and reflective gear. New technologies like blackbox radars also are coming on the market to help cyclists record and capture important data during accidents. But, much of the problem lies with motorists who fail to pay attention as they drive.

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