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Falling Products

by Dixon Law Office

You are walking through a store – Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, grocery store, any store – and suddenly something falls on you. You are hit in the head and knocked to the ground. You did not see anyone do anything, it just happened. Who is responsible?

The answer will depend on several factors. One question will be who stacked the product and how? If the product was not stacked correctly, the store will be liable if some of it falls even if that is days or weeks later.

A second question will be whether there was any change after it was stacked? If a customer put the item back on the shelf and then it fell, the store may not be liable. That will prompt another question: when did the customer stack the item improperly? If there was a long time from the customer stacking until the injury, the store will be liable because the store has a duty to check the shelves and the product on them.

Products fall from store shelves remarkably often. When they do, a store can often be held liable for their wrongdoing. In those cases, it is important to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. The store will have a TEAM of people trying everything they can to be sure the injured victim gets nothing, even if the accident is clearly the store’s fault. Contact Dixon Law Office and let them work for you. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation.

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