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Bicycle Accident Lawyer with Experience On the Bike and In Courtroom

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by Dixon Law Office

Bicycle accident cases are personal for Dixon Law Office founder, Grant Dixon. “As a cyclist for more than 30 years, I know how dangerous it is for people riding on a bicycle,” Grant said. He has first-hand experience in the dangers of cycling. Grant continued, “A woman ran a red light and hit me as I was riding in Chicago. I was left in the middle of the road, bruised and bloodied.” He had months of physical therapy and it took a very long time before he recovered from his injuries.

“Like any activity, bicycling has dangers but often bicyclists are hurt because a driver did not pay attention,” Grant said. Dixon Law Office has represented many clients who have been the victims of bicycling accidents. These can be simple car accidents to complicated product liability cases. “While every case is important, my experience on a bike gives me an edge when representing clients in bicycle accident cases,” Grant said.

The results have been impressive. Dixon Law Office has secured large settlements for clients involved in bicycling accidents. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident or is in need of a bicycle accident lawyer, contact Dixon Law Office. We are here to help.

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