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Avoid Eye Injuries This Halloween

by Dixon Law Office

Halloween is quickly approaching. Before trick-or-treaters don costumes and have their fill of candy and treats, Dixon Law Office wants to share some safety tips to make your child’s celebration safer and a lot more fun. Sadly, each year many children are injured when celebrating Halloween, and one of the most common accidents is an eye injury.

Eye safety is very important when kids are wearing costumes and excitedly running door-to-door to collect candy. Kids can be injured due to sharp objects that are part of their costumes and from tripping and falling onto items in yards and homes. When selecting a costume, avoid any sharp and pointy props like wands, swords, knives and any other weaponry. Instead choose soft and short versions of these props. Also, experts advise that kids and adults alike should never use decorative contact lenses as part of a Halloween costume, as they have been known to cause eye damage.

In addition, using face paint and makeup rather than masks can help kids avoid hurting their eyes and also can reduce the chance of a mask obstructing their vision. Finally, costumes that are too long can cause children to trip and fall, which can lead to injuries to the head, face and eyes.

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