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by Dixon Law Office

Does your lawyer return your calls?  Does your lawyer answer your questions?  Can you reach him or her when you need to?  Have you ever wondered why not?  The number one complaint clients have about their lawyers is that the client’s phone calls are not returned.

At Dixon Law Office, we return every client phone call.  In fact, if you call during business hours, you speak with a real live human being.  Every time.  If a call needs to be returned, it is usually the same day.  Nearly every call is returned within 24 hours.  And if you call after hours, you can leave a message for the person handling your case, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can even reach a Dixon Law Office lawyer 24×7.  That is just one of the Dixon Differences.

If your lawyer does not care about you or your case, get rid of him.  Call Dixon Law Office today.  Experience what our clients says is the best legal representation available.  Not only will your calls be answered, you wil get the compensation you deserve. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation. Call right now!

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