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Uninsured Motorist Policy

by Dixon Law Office

It’s a term that technically many people are unaware of. But the fact is that the law requires insurance companies have this magical thing built into their policies. Essentially uninsured motorist coverage means that your insurance company will cover you by paying for the damages to your car and your injuries. This type of coverage is extremely important in situations where a wild animal hits your car (read a story like that in one of our recent blog posts), the person that hit you doesn’t have sufficient insurance to cover the damages and so on. It’s required by state laws that most insurance companies cover such accidents and, here’s the best part, it’s in almost every policy and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Most people don’t know about this so it is important to contact a lawyer to find out what rights you have. Dixon Law Office is a law office that helps people injured in accidents. Call them and let them help you figure this out and help you in your struggles. Call today at (888) 354-9880 or click here for a free case review. Call or click today.

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