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Boy Drowned in Bridgeview Pool

by Dixon Law Office

Police are investigating the case of Michael Duda, a 6 year old boy from the town of Justice who drowned in a Bridgeview pool on Tuesday. Lifeguards pulled an unresponsive Michael from the pool. Sadly, he died on Wednesday night at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn. Michael was at the Bridgeview pool as a part of a Justice Park District summer camp program. Duda was one of 73 kids chaperoned by 10 counselors. Police are still processing and interviewing the camp counselors and pool staff; the superintendent of the camp refused to comment but did state that they would make a statement in a few days. If you want to read the full news story click here.

Children should never drown at a public pool. These events are almost always preventable if the lifeguards are doing their jobs. Time will tell why little Michael died but until then our hearts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Michael Duda.

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