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The Fall That Kills

by Dixon Law Office

When our loved one goes into a nursing home, we assume the nursing home will keep them safe.  We assume that our loved one will get the medical care they need.  And, we assume that preventable injuries will be prevented.

Studies show that is not the case.

Studies have shown that nursing home falls are rampant.  Up to 3 out of every four nursing home residents fall EVERY YEAR (75%).  About 36% of those resulted in injuries that required a trip to the hospital.  Many die from their injuries.

This is a nursing home problem, not a senior problem.  The rate of falls in nursing homes is more than double that of seniors who don’t reside in a nursing home.  Shockingly, over 1/3 of the nursing home falls happen to people who cannot walk.

More important, nearly all those injuries are preventable with proper care.  In fact, if your loved one has fallen and been injured or died, you should contact a lawyer.  “In my 22 years of practice in nursing home cases, I have never found a single case where a fall was not the result of neglect or abuse,” Grant Dixon said.  Grant has spent a career uncovering what happened and getting justice for his clients.  Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation, and let him help you and your family today.

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