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What Are My Rights If They Injure Me While Pulling Me Off a Flight?

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by Dixon Law Office

It is all over the news lately.  A passenger is forced off a plane so the airlines can fill the seat with another passenger.  The videos of this event are horrific and despicable.  But it has left many people asking “what are my rights if they do that to me?”

An airplane is a “common carrier.”  A common carrier is someone who transports people and gets paid to transport them.  Common carriers are required to use the highest degree of care in doing their work.  That means they must do more than average, better than good, they must do the best by you.  It is the job of airlines to protect you from harm, even harm from others.

If you are wrongfully forced off a plane and you are injured, you have rights.  You are entitled to compensation for your injuries they cause.  These injuries might be physical.  You might suffer a bloody lip or some cut while they are forcing you off.  You might suffer bumps and bruises.  You might even suffer broken bones or much worse.  Whatever it is, the law requires the airlines to pay you for those injuries.

The airlines also owes you for your medical bills from those injuries.  The airlines must pay for your hospital treatment, doctor bills, physical therapy and other treatment you need.  If they wrongfully remove you from a plane and hurt you, they must also pay for your time missed from work recovering from your injuries.

These injuries are real and the law says the airlines must pay you for them.

If a common carrier injuries you or a loved one, you should not fight this battle alone.  You need a top notch lawyer to help you.  At Dixon Law Office, our team has well over 25 years of experience in helping people who have been hurt by common carriers, including airplanes.  Call us today at 888-354-9880 or go to for a free case review.  When everything goes wrong, we make it right.

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