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Legal Services Are “Essential” Businesses During COVID-19

by Dixon Law Office

Legal Services Are “Essential” Businesses During COVID-19

All of us are in difficult times right now.  COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) has forced us to learn what quarantine looks like.  Most of us are stuck at home.  While we have tried to stay active and entertained, there is only so much we can do to stay busy.  Work is so much at the center of our lives.  Most of us are either working from home or not working at all.

In Illinois, the Governor has declared that legal services are “essential” businesses.  At Dixon Law Office, we have continued to operate on a modified schedule.  We have stopped all outside visitors and reduced hours for the office.  Some staff still comes to the office but practice social distancing.  Other staff is working from home.  For us, continuing to service the needs of our clients is “essential.”

Our clients are victims of tragic accidents; car crashes, falls, injuries at work and so many more.  All our clients understand that their work is “essential” no matter what the government says.  When you are seriously injured, you cannot work.  Immediately, our clients have to worry about what life is like without work.  There often is no paycheck for an injured victim.  Our clients must wonder about how they will feed their families.  How can they pay their rent or mortgage?  The bills do not stop because you have been injured, even if the injury is the fault of someone else.

To make matters worse, medical bills start piling up.  If our clients are lucky, they have health insurance but health insurance does not cover everything.  Deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket minimums all have to be paid.  For worker’s compensation clients, those insurance companies often REFUSE to pay claims.  While that is illegal it takes weeks of lawyer work to fix it.  Usually, your doctor or hospital simply refuses to see you unless you pay out of pocket!

At Dixon Law Office, we help clients in these situations every day.  Whether they were in a car crash, truck crash, motorcycle accident, work injury, fall, bitten by a dog, or any other injury from the fault of others, we help our clients get the compensation they deserve.  That compensation is “essential”: medical bills, wages, property damage, getting cars fixed, and so much more.

When the Governor called our work “essential,” some were surprised.  But not our clients.  Our work for victims of personal injury has always been “essential.”  The Governor did not make it that way, our clients did.

Call Dixon Law Office today at 888-354-9880.  Or visit our website,  There you can chat with a member of our team 24×7.  We will help you get the compensation you deserve.  To us, that has always been “essential.”  Call or click today and find out why.

When everything goes wrong, we make it right.

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