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Halloween Safety Part 2 Injury Prevention

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by Dixon Law Office

As Halloween quickly approaches, we want to share some safety tips to make your child’s celebration safer and a lot more fun. Sadly, each year many children are injured when celebrating Halloween.

Parents should keep in mind, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the three most common injuries to children at Halloween are 1.) kids hit by cars 2.) eye injuries from sharp objects and 3.) burns from flammable costumes. Here are some tips to prevent these injuries.

1. When purchasing any costume, look for “flame resistant” on the label so costumes are made of fabrics that won’t catch fire easily. Also, make sure costumes do not have masks that obstruct vision and that they are not too long, which can cause children to trip.

2. Make your child visible–even in afternoon trick-or-treating–by outfitting them in bright colors and adding reflective tape to treat buckets. Children also can carry a glowstick or flashlight.

3. Instruct children to cross at corners and to look both ways when crossing the street.

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