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Dixon Law Office Wins Appellate Victory

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by Dixon Law Office

She slipped and fell on invisible ice in a parking lot while leaving work.  She suffered very serious injuries from the fall.  From that day on, her life has changed.  To get compensation for her serious injuries, she hired Dixon Law Office.  “We knew she was right.  We also knew that proving it would be very hard,” said Dixon Law Office founder, G. Grant Dixon III.  Grant began investigating the case.  “Slip and fall cases are difficult, many lawyers will not take them.”  Grant was not dissuaded.  Grant began his representation by taking the unusual step of taking statements from the witnesses before filing suit.  ”We wanted to be sure the evidence supported the case,” he said.

The suit filed named the landlord and snowplow company among others as defendants.  “Our investigation showed that the parking lot consistently had ice in it.  Witnesses told us that it was happening because the snowplow contractor was plowing snow into the corner of the building, it was melting and then freezing when it got colder.”  As the case continued, they learned the landlord was repeatedly told of the problem but never fixed it.

Predictably, defendants filed motions to end the case prematurely.  They all claimed that the case was improper.  Though Grant fought all the motions, the court granted the motions.  They had lost.

Grant was not satisfied.  “I recommended we file an appeal because I felt the judge had not properly considered the evidence,” he said.  “Fortunately, my client agreed.”  Few lawyers do trial work.  Even fewer do appeals.  It is truly rare to have a lawyer like Grant who does both.  Grant personally wrote the appellate briefs and argued before the Illinois Appellate Court.

The Appellate Court issued their opinion on September 30, only 10 days after hearing the case.  Grant noted that, “having a result that quickly is unusual.”  The opinion was solidly in favor of his client.  It reverses what the lower court judge did and sends the case back to the trial court.  “I am so happy for my client.  She is seriously injured and just wants the chance to have a jury hear her case,” Grant said.  He concluded, “I am also very proud of the work my office did in this case.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and want an attorney who will fight hard for your rights, contact Dixon Law Office by email here or phone at (888) 354-9880.  Our staff will work hard to get you or your seriously injured family member the compensation the law guarantees them.  They are here to help.

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