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Cyclist Crushed By Construction Truck

by Dixon Law Office

A man was riding his bike when a truck suddenly pulled out from behind a construction barrier. The bicyclist was crushed underneath the truck and, sadly, killed. You can learn more about the story here.

When there is a collision between a bicycle and a truck, the bicyclist always loses. In many cases, the bicyclist is doing everything right: riding on the road, paying attention, even wearing a helmet. But when the driver of a truck (or even a car) disregards traffic rules, bicyclists can get hit. And, as this story demonstrates, the results are often catastrophic.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash on a bicycle involving a truck or other vehicle, you need a lawyer who can help you protect your rights. You will probably have thousands-of-dollars in medical bills. And, the truck driver’s insurance will not pay those bills without a fight. At Dixon Law Office, we can get you the compensation the law says you deserve. It is what we do. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation. We will Make It Right.

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