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Theme Park Safety Tips

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by Dixon Law Office

weekend is here and many will make a trek to an amusement park for holiday fun. And while theme parks create environments that are fun they are also places of many injuries. Exactly how many people are injured each year is difficult to know because there is no single government agency that tracks injuries and deaths from amusement park rides. However, it is clear that each year hundreds of consumers are hurt and many die. Sadly these injuries and deaths are often the result of park operators disregarding safety rules. If you are heading to an amusement park ride for summer fun, there are things you can do to help improve your odds. Below are some theme park safety tips for your next trip:

  • Obey all rules and regulations. Most parks have posted rules and regulations. Adults should read these rules and children should be made aware of them.
  • Make sure ride is appropriate. Thrill rides are named that because they’re thrilling – emotionally intense and sometimes physically demanding. Small children, older adults and pregnant women should be extra cautious before considering a ride.
  • Use provided safety devices. If safety devices are provided for a ride, they there for your protection. Be sure to use them. Even if the operator says they are not needed, never ride without a properly working safety device.
  • Stay seated. Once a rider is locked in, they should remain in that position until the ride is over and the operator has given them permission to exit the ride. Keep all legs and arms inside the ride.
  • Take breaks. If you are riding on rides that feature high-g forces, be sure to take a break between rides since repeated use of these rides can cause a loss of consciousness. If you get tired at any time you are at the park, take a break.

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