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Scaffolding Injuries

by Dixon Law Office

“Scaffolding” is an elevated work platform.  In plain English, it is a place to work above the ground.  They can be small, just a few inches tall.  They can be huge, twenty-or-more stories in the air.  They can even hang from underneath bridges or buildings.

Scaffolds are also a place where many injuries occur.  Construction standards require they be anchored in such a way that they do not sway (or even move) when being used.  The planking (called decking) should be smooth and free of holes.  Handrails are almost always required.

If you have been injured on scaffolding, chances are it is serious.  For a serious injury like yours, you need a serious lawyer.  Not someone who is new or inexperienced.  You need a lawyer with the experience fighting scaffolding cases.  You need Dixon Law Office.  Dixon Law Office staff has more than 40 years of experience representing injured victims, many of those in scaffolding accidents.  Call Dixon Law Office today at 888-354-9880 and let them help you or your loved one injured in a scaffolding accident. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation.

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