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Private Data Stolen From Retailers, Liability

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by Dixon Law Office

Target, Nieman Marcus, Ebay, and countless banks have had customer data taken in a variety of online thefts in recent months.  Hundreds-of-millions of customers have become victims of these breaches.  But who is responsible when things go wrong?

Liability can be found on two fronts.  First, the retailers have an obligation to keep data safe.  If they hold it for you, it is their obligation to protect it from attackers.  When the retailers fail to keep your private information safe, they are liable.

Second, retailers have an obligation to notify you if there has been a breach.  After an intrustion has occurred in which there is even a reasonable chance that data was stolen, retailers must notify the comnsumer.  Failure to do so can result in losses of staggering proportions.

If you believe your private information has been stolen, there are things you can do.  First, change any passwords you think might have been compromised.  Set passwords that are hard to replicate and the best practice is to use different passwords for each site.  Second, contact your bank to let them know of your concerns.  Most can have a watch put onto your transactions to scan for unusual or unauthorized activity. Taking these steps can help.

Retailers can be held liable for any losses you incur from their inactions.  Call a lawyer if have suffered a loss from a data theft.  Dixon Law Office is a law firm dedicated to helping victims and consumers.  They can give you the guidance you need on how to proceed. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation.

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