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Playground Injuries

by Dixon Law Office

As school resumes for kids across the nation, playgrounds will become a part of the daily life of many children. Whether at recess, after school, or in an organized activity, use of playgrounds and the equipment on them increases early in the school year. Parents, teachers and kids all trust that the playground is safe and well maintained. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Playground injuries are amazingly common and diverse. One of the most common injuries is from inadequate cushioning on the surface of the playground, particularly around equipment. The equipment itself can be a source of injuries. Sharp edges and open pinch-points serve as a place for serious injuries. Missing guards, fences and other protective devices can also cause life-altering injuries to the unsuspecting child.

Strict standards do exist for playground equipment. But many times schools, park districts, and local governments choose not to keep the equipment up to modern standards and fail to replace defective or broken gear. Often they will wait until a catastrophic injury before taking any action.

We all have the right to demand safe equipment for our kids. If you or your child has been injured by broken playground equipment or anything that has not been properly maintained, call Dixon Law Office. We have represented clients with serious playground injuries. We know the rules and can hold those responsible for your child’s injuries accountable. Call today at 888-354-9880 or click here.

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