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Parking Lot Fall, Trip on Spikes

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by Dixon Law Office

When you are in a parking garage, you have the right to expect that where you walk will be safe and free of hazards.  But sometimes that is not the case. As a recent case documented, hazards like parking spikes can cause injury.

When a parking garage owner knows people may walk in an area, they have a responsibility to keep it safe.  Safe means free tripping hazards.  Safe means clean.  Safe means dry.  Safe means you should have something to slip, trip or fall on.

If you or your love one has tripped on spikes or any other object on the floor of a parking garage or parking lot, you need a tough and aggressive lawyer to represent you.  The Dixon Law Office team is the best; tough and aggressive in representing your interests.  They will take on the owner and get you compensation for your medical bills, time missed from work and pain and suffering.

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