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Dangerous Security

Posted on Categories Negligent Security

by Dixon Law Office

A man goes into a local pub, sits at the bar and orders a beer. As his beer arrives, he notices a young woman sitting next to him. He strikes up a friendly conversation. They chat for a few minutes. Suddenly and without warning, the man is struck on the head, beaten, and dragged out of the pub. He is tossed out on the street, bloodied and broken. Turns out the young lady is the girlfriend of the pub’s “security team.” The jealous bouncer got tired of seeing someone – anyone – talking to his girlfriend. Is this fantasy? No. These are similar to a real case.

Every business you visit has an obligation to provide you with a safe place. That means the business has to provide a secure place that is free of dangers. How they provide that secure environment varies with the type of business. An office might need only to have doors that lock at night. A bank in a high crime area might need armed guards in the lobby.

You have the right to expect to be safe when you visit a business. If you have been injured because of inadequate security or wrongful acts of security person, call Dixon Law Office. We have represented many clients who were the victims of improper security.We will fight for you and get you the compensation the law guarantees you. Call 888-354-9880 right now or click here for a free review of your case.

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