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Child Struck by Car

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by Dixon Law Office

“A parent’s worst nightmare,” “terrible,” “awful” are all phrases used to describe feelings and emotions when a child is struck by a vehicle.  It is always a tragedy.

When a child is struck by a car, truck, van, or other vehicle, asking questions is natural.  Why? How? Was the driver distracted?  Unfortunately, many times the police have few answers.  Drivers, fearing prosecution, often refuse to talk to police.

Know this: you are entitled to answers.  At Dixon Law Office, we get answers for our clients.  We have made it our business of making things right.  That is more than a nice phrase.  We spend every day of our professional lives fighting for the justice our clients deserve. Contact us at toll-free at 888-354-9880, or click here for a free consultation. Learn more at  Get the answers you deserve.

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