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Boy Saves His Sister’s Life and Becomes a Superhero

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by Dixon Law Office

On November 27, 2010, 9 year-old James “ JT”  Stone opened the child-proof lock on his parent’s bathroom to let his little sister Lily go into the bathroom.  Unbeknownst to JT, Lily decided she wanted to blow out the candle on the counter.  She climbed up the cabinet and onto the counter.  As she sat there, she tried to blow out the little flame.  Instantly, her hair, face, and arms caught fire.  JT heard his sister’s screams first and got to Lilly just before their mother did.  Thinking quickly, he grabbed a wet towel that had been left on the floor by an older cousin.  He wrapped his sister in the towel, dowsing the flames.

JT’s courage saved his sister’s life. “This young man did something most kids twice his age wouldn’t have the forethought, or capability, or understanding of performing,” said St. Louis Firefighter Shawn Bittle.   The group presented JT with a Hero Award for what he did.  He got a plaque, and a special tour of a firetruck.

“When you look at the superheroes, that’s their job to save lives,” said JT’s father, “and nobody will ever know how much of a hero he is to me. If it wasn’t for him I may not have my baby.”  “I’m thankful that I knew what to do to save her,” he said.

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