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Bike Laws Series Part 7 Treatment as a Vehicle

by Dixon Law Office

We wrap up our focus on National Bike Month and our series on Illinois Bike Laws with a final topic: “Treatment as a Vehicle.” Bicycle advocates have fought hard for the right to the road and continue to shape our traffic laws to better accommodate people on bikes.

Treatment as a Vehicle – In Illinois, bicycles are not vehicles according to the statute that defines vehicles, but a person riding a bicycle has all of the rights and duties of the driver of a vehicle as provided in the Illinois Vehicle Code, except as to those provisions which by their nature can have no application. Unfortunately, many motorists still believe that bicyclists do not have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers. And, some motorists fail to even see a bicyclist when a bicyclist is on the road, which can lead to serious injuries for the cyclist if hit by a car.

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