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April 25 is Playground Safety Week

by Dixon Law Office

National Safety Council has designated April 25-29 as Playground Safety Week as a reminder to be aware and use good judgment when it comes to outdoor play equipment.

Playgrounds today are much safer than they were a few decades ago, when many surfaces were hard earth or concrete and most equipment was metal that could get extremely hot. While there now is much less metal and surfaces are required to be bouncy or soft, there are still more than 200,000 children taken to emergency rooms each year because of playground injuries. More than 80% of injuries are caused by falls from climbers, swings, slides and overhead ladders. The most common playground injuries are fractures, contusions and abrasions, lacerations, strains and sprains, and internal organ injuries.

Schools and parks have an obligation to keep playgrounds free of hazards. They must properly design and maintain surfaces, provide adequate use zones (areas under and around playground equipment), remove protrusion hazards that can cut a child, avoid trip hazards like rocks and tree stumps, and avoid head entrapment hazards. Schools must also provide adequate supervision.

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