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4 Things to Do After Being a Victim of a Hit-And-Run

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by Dixon Law Office

The news is filled with stories of hit-and-run crashes. Usually, a pedestrian is crossing the street when a driver speeds through the intersection, striking the victim and leaving them for dead. However, these incidents can happen almost anywhere, parking lots, shopping malls, city streets and highways; anywhere a driver thinks they can “get away with it” will be a place where hit-and-runs happen.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a hit-and-run crash, there are four things he should do immediately following the accident:

1. Call the police right away. Even if it is just property damage, the police need to know. The sooner you can get police help on the scene, the better the chances of catching the person who caused the damage. Often, insurance companies require a police report to cover the hit-and-run so getting the police involved is important.

2. Stay safe. While the impulse is to chase down the at-fault driver, don’t do it. Let the police and other professionals do their jobs.

3. Get information. Write down as many details as you can regarding the other vehicle, its driver and the surroundings (license plate number, model and color of car, physical description of driver and other possible witnesses in the area). If you have a camera phone take pictures and video of the scene.

4. Get medical attention right away. Even if you are just “shaken up,” you should seek the necessary medical attention. Only after a medical exam can you know the extent of your injuries, if any. If you don’t get immediate medical attention, the insurance company will often claim your injuries are made up.

While it may seem hopeless after a hit-and-run, the law does provide some help. At Dixon Law Office, we know the laws and can help you use them to bring the wrongdoer to justice and get the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, call Dixon Law Office today toll free at 888-354-9880 or click here. They can help.

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