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Wayne O. Woodbury

by Dixon Law Office

Attorney G. Grant Dixon III of Dixon Law Office

I would like any person considering the services of the Dixon Law Office to read about my personal experience and the results of my case.

I was involved in a car accident and I did and said everything that could have ultimately worked against me. Being an emotional person I made statements at the scene of the accident that could have severely affected the outcome of my case. Had I not engaged Mr. Dixon I would have never benefited from his in depth preparation and litigation skills needed to win my case.

My emotions took over and everything I did at the accident was counter productive to what I really should have done. First, the one thing I did right was notify the police immediately. Second, because of my concern for the person that hit me the statements I made at the scene of the accident to the police did not help my case. For anyone involved in an accident answer only the questions required for the police report and exchange information. Do not discuss or describe the accident with anyone except your attorney and insurance agent.

Many of us live in a world of unfulfilled expectations. It took Mr. Dixon’s experience and patience to help me fully understand what position I had placed myself in.

During a series of meetings I was given adequate time to express all of my personal frustration. I’m sure there where times I didn’t hear what he was trying to tell me because my mind kept going back to all the related expenses and medical bills, etc. It wasn’t until I really listened to what I had to do that Mr. Dixon was able to properly prepare for my case. From that point on he had my complete trust.

Mr. Dixon prepared me for a deposition the other driver’s insurance company required. All questions asked by the attorney with the exception of one or two, I was able to fully answer. On one occasion I did get off track, but with Mr. Dixon’s help I was able to satisfy their attorney.

Mr. Dixon not only won the case, I received the maximum amount available from other driver’s insurance company. For the settlement I received, I cannot thank the firm enough as it was many times more than what I was initially offered.

I would like to say that Mr. Dixon’s ability to prepare you for the road ahead is second to none. I will forever recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

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