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Kelly Kolodziejczak

by Dixon Law Office

Dixon Law Office went above and beyond any of my expectations.

No matter what the problem was they were there to help me out. they always went above and beyond to make sure all my needs where met! They never gave myself or my family false expectations. Whenever I had a doctor visit or surgery they would check up on me to see how I was doing and if everything went well!

Personally, I don’t know any lawyers or their staff who would be there anytime something went wrong and stick with you even after the trial was over. I had so much support from the Dixon Law Office, during the time that I was with them. They did everything they could to prepare me for the trial. Not only that they made sure that I always knew what was going on and what to expect. Not only when the trial began and the stress level started to rise both Grant as well as his staff were there to help me cope with it! I must say there is two people that come too mind, that were very important through the course leading up to my trial! One of them was Grant Dixon and the other person was Linda Jordan.

It is very stressful, and you cant plan out what you think is going to happen, because you don’t know what the out come is going to be! It takes a big toll on your emotions, but you need to keep it together no matter what in the end you get your life back! All along the way they would give me documents and advice on how to handle different things. They constantly kept in contact giving me up dates as they came in! They made themselves available to me so I that if I had break down or became worried I know I could count on them to support me and help me get over what ever was in my way! Yes i was satisfied, and the reason is for over five years I was fighting it and the truth was finally heard! for the first time in five years i had no worries and i was able to live my life again!

The most meaningful people had to be Linda and Grant! the reason is when you go through what I go through it does so many different things to you! Your life is turned upside down, and you feel like you’re losing control! When ever this would happen I had them to help me pick myself up off the ground! Honestly I would have not made it through all of this with out either of them!

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