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Medical Malpractice

i-medmalWhen a doctor, hospital, or other medical provider injures you because they did something wrong, it is called medical malpractice. Often the injuries are devastating and can lead to a life of pain or even death. Whatever the situation, we have the skills and education to review the information and answer your most important question: what happened?


Because of our experience, at Dixon Law Office we have access to the best and brightest doctors in the country. These doctors agree to review cases for our clients. We ask that they provide an honest assessment of what happened and whether the medical staff caused you harm. When the case comes to trial, we have a complete arsenal of weapons to attack and disprove the theories defense experts use to help their clients avoid responsibility.


At Dixon Law Office, we are very selective in the cases we accept. In fact, we decline more than 90% of the cases we review. In those cases we do accept, it is only after an extensive review of all the facts of the case and we are sure the claim has merit. We take no frivolous cases. If we have agreed to represent a person or family, we know that the case is merit and are confident we can prove the doctor, hospital, or other medical provider did wrong.

Did your loved one die in suspicious circumstances? Did you have a feeling something was just not right? Did the nurses or staff at the facility tell you to talk to a lawyer? If so, call us at Dixon Law Office. We can review your medical malpractice case and determine whether we can help.

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