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i-motorcycleaccidentsWithout a steel frame to protect the rider, a motorcycle is extremely dangerous in an accident. Making matters worse, Illinois does not have a helmet law, so catastrophic, or fatal, brain injuries are quite common. If you were injured or you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we can help.

Attorney Grant Dixon has 19 years of experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents and other personal injuries. When you come to Dixon Law Office, you will benefit from our knowledge of personal injury law and our commitment to excellent client service. Your lawyer will work one-on-one with you to pursue your injury claim. For a free consultation, please call (888) 354-9880 or contact us online.

Special Considerations of Motorcycle Accidents

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by collisions with cars and other vehicles. Motorcycles often get lost in a driver’s blind spot, which can result in a collision or being cut off by the car and having to lay the bike down. Accidents at intersections are also very common. Blown tires and bike defects can cause injuries, as well.

The nature of motorcycle accidents often lead to injuries involving leg fractures and amputations. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is also very common, especially if the rider was not wearing a helmet. These types of catastrophic injuries result in disability, disfigurement and sometimes, wrongful death.

To cover the cost of medical bills, long-term care and pain management, lost income and monthly expenses, you will need adequate compensation from the insurance company. We know how to make insurance companies pay out the amount that accident victims need. Grant Dixon is an experienced, aggressive litigator who is not afraid to stand up for your rights in court. He is passionate about recovering the financial compensation his clients need to pay medical bills and move forward with their lives.

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